High demand for Czech Tutors

Posted on Oct 1, 2010

Czech lessons are very popular at London Language Studio. 

Learning Czech is not an easy task. Indeed, the Czech Language is possibly one of the most difficult and complex European languages. Despite this, an incredible number of British students come to us for private Czech lessons. Their reasons or motivations are usually very similar. They have a Czech partner and often even children whom they would like to be able to communicate with. Very many students have been married to their partners for many years, and so they are not new to the language, yet they can not speak it at all. 

Their partners are generally unable to help them; so after many years of frustration, they come to us. 

Why is it this language so difficult to pick up? 

It is because of its grammatical complexity as well as its syntax. It is virtually impossible for the average native Czech speaker to explain anything. It truly does require a qualified linguist to guide a learner through the learning process and to facilitate the language acquisition for him or her. 

It is a beautiful and fascinating language. If you decide to learn Czech, you will truly enjoy your lessons. As you slowly progress and start understanding the mechanism behind it, you will probably become a very passionate student; Czech is enriching, fun and will give you an unbelievable amount of satisfaction when you feel you can finally communicate.