Hiring new language tutors- Slovak teachers in demand

Posted on Sep 4, 2012

Hiring new language tutors- Slovak teachers in demand

If you are planning to learn Slovak, you are certainly in the right place. We have a team of dedicated Slovak teachers who will be delighted to prepare your very own, individually tailored Slovak course.

In fact – Slovak is becoming increasingly popular in London!

Italian lessons seemed to be in great demand at the end of the summer and we have hired a few excellent tutors to expand our Italian team. However we are also noticing rising demand for Slovak lessons and have recently interviewed a few new, very talented teachers.

Most of our current Slovak and Czech tutors were fully booked up at the end of the summer and had no more capacity to take on board new students. We are very excited about our new talents and are happy to welcome some additional language professionals onto our team.

It is surprising to see how the demand for various languages fluctuates throughout the year and it is becoming a pattern with Italian, Spanish or Greek very popular during the Summer, and conversely Slovak or Czech over the Autumn and Winter. The obvious choice during the exam period are enquiries for Spanish, German or French private tutors who are familiar with GSCE and A-Level exam topics.