How to become fluent in any language

Arranging private language lessons is a great step forward and will definitely pay back your eforts. Learning languages with a private tutor is the fastest and most efficient way to progress to a certain, satisfactory level. But what next? How much longer does one need to take the lessons? And then once you stop, what happens?

What usually happens when students stop their course is that they regress, until they feel as if they have forgotten everything they have learned. This is of course an incredibly frustrating feeling, considering the effort and money spent making any progress at all.

Here are some ideas which should help you to keep up with what you have learned and take it further, develop your knowledge and fluency, as well as the confidence to speak without inhibition.

The language learning tips we suggest here are just a small part of our proven and sucessful learning method. We have found they work well in a variety of environments, across different types of student, learning different languages. It is never too early (or too late!) to start integrating these into your own learning routine.


How to become fluent in any language


Language articles full of ideas, tips and advice on how to really learn a language – on your own.


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