How to learn Slovak fast – A student’s view on his learning

Posted on Mar 13, 2012

Is learning Slovak difficult? Let us share some of our students’ opinions with you.  Here is another email I have received from one of our long term students, who has been learning Slovakian for quite a while.

”Hi Alena,

Sorry for the late response. Yes all is going well with the lessons, it’s hard work, and a very complicated language, but worth it in the end if I can talk to my children in Slovak.

I’ve been very happy with the lessons, and have found the approach that Zuzana has used excellent- lots of talking, referencing grammar tables when necessary – it has all been very helpful.

Many thanks, Mark”

And here is a view that Zuzana, Mark’s tutor, gives on his overall progress in learning Slovak:

”Mark started to learn Slovak with me when he was at a lower intermediate level and has now achieved a higher intermediate level. Our lessons are mostly conversational. He likes to talk about his family. His wife is Slovak and he likes the fact he can speak Slovak to their children. He is also a musician and many of our topics were about music but also politics, sport and culture. He doesn’t like to do grammar exercises from books. So we don’t do them.  After all,  learning a language is primarily about communication, talking Slovak and using the real language, rather than fabricated sentences without any significant context. He can use present, past and future tenses confidently and I am teaching him conditionals at the moment. I used flashcards to teach him new verbs and adjectives. I always use my own material for each lesson such as grammar tables, cases table.”

The book Zuzana also used with Mark, mainly for grammar reference, was Slovencina pre cudzincov.