Intensive Greek lessons

Posted on Nov 2, 2010

Julie came recently to us wishing to learn Greek. She opted for the half day intensive Greek workshop, which is a 5hrs session of one to one tuition, something quite unique to London Language Studio.

This is Julie’s email we have received after her session:

Kalimera, Alena:

First of all, enormous thanks for giving me such a great introduction to mastering the Greek language.  I am extremely fortunate to have found such an excellent teacher.

After 7 years of wrestling with books and CDs (and not being able to progress beyond remembering set phrases), I came away with a strong feeling that 1:1 lessons with you are the key for me to be able to reach my goal of being able to have meaningful conversations (rather than just being able to ask for coffee, choose food in tavernas, book a hotel, etc) and read and write Greek with accuracy and confidence.  I thoroughly enjoyed the day.

In the meantime, I will do my homework (and I’m sure, in no time at all, my house will be covered in Post-It notes with Greek words) and keep listening to the recording and reading my notes to ensure everything stays in my head. 

On the subject of reading, I have “Alfavitario”, my childrens’ book,  which before the Saturday with you I found quite challenging and is now, all of a sudden, way too easy.   

Many thanks again for a great start to this next phase in my goal, Alena.  I realise Greek is not an easy language to learn and I will need to work at it – but I do think it is achievable and I’m really looking forward to seeing you again. (I will take a train; the total journey time from home to you is about 3 hours each way but at least it’s not like driving, where I’d have to concentrate all the time).

I hope you can tell by this e-mail that I’m really enthusiastic about all this!

Julie Mangum