The Little Linguist

We believe that languages should be taught to children at a very early age.

The Little Linguist project

At London Language Studio, we are committed to promoting languages to parents and young families, helping them to grow confident little linguists; we have started the Little Linguist project.


 The Lit­tle Lin­guist project is ded­i­cated to par­ents and chil­dren and their early lan­guage devel­op­ment. We start in pre­na­tal phase and want to engage expect­ing moth­ers, new par­ents and bilin­gual fam­i­lies, help­ing them to encour­age early lan­guage devel­op­ment in their chil­dren, and to facil­i­tate their later abil­i­ties and con­fi­dence in learn­ing for­eign languages.

It is incredibly important that children become aware of languages at a very early age. We encourage active learning and promote language awareness across all age groups and cultural backgrounds. Unlike many other language schools, we focus on educating both the children and their parents about languages. We believe it is never too early to start teaching your children foreign languages and we understand that only parents can play the core role in this early learning process.

Within this unique project, we run a number of activities aimed at helping new parents to support their children in learning and understanding foreign languages at a very early age.


The Little Linguist local activities

We run exciting local activities at our London Language Studio premises in Berkshire


Language workshops for parents

We run educational monthly workshops for parents of bilingual children and for parents who wish to bring up their children with the skills and ability to learn foreign languages in the future.

Mother and Baby language club

This weekly language club aims at helping parents to guide, encourage and help their children to develop language learning skills from an early age. It is a free of charge London Language Studio activity provided as part of our efforts to promote the acquisition of solid language skills in young children.

Bilingual Babies club

We pay particular attention to educating parents of bilingual children about languages and we encourage them to nurture and develop their own cultural background and language roots so that they feel confident in actively helping their children to learn their original mother tongue to a fluent level. Currently we run free Bilingual Babies club for local communities of Czech, Slovak and Polish moms in Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

Mother and baby language club Online

Online forum, resources, tips and ideas for mums wanting to bring up their children bilingually.

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