Languages For A Working Advantage

Posted on Sep 9, 2010

As the search for well paid, credible jobs becomes increasingly difficult and applicants find that the competition is cut throat, Journalist Tina Clough spoke to the London Language Studio, the leading providers of Spanish lessons and French lessons, who are firm believers that those who possess language skills have that working advantage.

Alena Sunavska from the firm who offers Italian private tuition in addition to Greek lessons and French lessons said,  “To take advantage of the very few job opportunities in today’s global jobs market, young people need to wake up to the need for language skills as a means of setting them apart from the competition. Here at the London Language Studio, we teach people of varying ages and abilities, many of whom are keen to boost their CV and skill set.”

Despite popular belief, language graduates have endless career opportunities ranging from working with multinational firms and international organisations.  A recent study found that 27 per-cent of language graduates were employed in business services, 10 per-cent went into teaching and around 10 per-cent went into manufacturing, sales, finance, social services and transport.

Ms Sunavska added, “Adding modern languages to your CV will certainly make you stand out from other applicants and for the employer with clients and customers abroad, this can be an invaluable tool.

“Here at the London Language Studio we offer bespoke private language tuition to individual students, small groups and corporate clients.  When students come to us for language tuition we create an entirely individual learning path for each of our students, according to their expectations and existing knowledge of the language they wish to learn.”

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