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Private German lessons in London

 Your German Course

If you are plan­ning to learn German, you are cer­tainly in the right place. Whether you are a begin­ner or can speak some   German already, we will have the right tutor for you. We have a team of ded­i­cated professional teach­ers who will be delighted to pre­pare your very own, indi­vid­u­ally tai­lored  German course.

We will build your con­fi­dence, develop your con­ver­sa­tional skills and engage you in con­ver­sa­tion from your first les­son. Why take months or years of strug­gle on an evening course if you can learn fast with a pri­vate tutor?

We will pre­pare an indi­vid­ual lan­guage plan for you; this will take into con­sid­er­a­tion your learn­ing style and abil­ity, lan­guage require­ments, time com­mit­ment and any per­sonal moti­va­tions you might have to learn German; whether you have a  German part­ner, friends or whether you visit the coun­try for leisure or busi­ness, we will have the right lan­guage teacher for you.

Our German lessons are care­fully and indi­vid­u­ally struc­tured around each stu­dent. Our aim is to ensure you feel com­fort­able with spo­ken  German straight from the first session.


Your  German Tutor

We choose our teach­ers with great care. Their per­son­al­ity plays an impor­tant role in the selec­tion process, as well as their knowl­edge, qual­i­fi­ca­tions and teach­ing approach to stu­dents. Above all, we always look for teach­ers who are car­ing and ded­i­cated, as these are some of the core val­ues we firmly believe in.

Learn­ing  German with a pri­vate tutor can be the most reward­ing expe­ri­ence. Pri­vate lan­guage lessons are proven to be one of the most effi­cient and enjoy­able ways to under­stand and really learn the lan­guage. It is the best solu­tion for stu­dents who are time con­scious and want to see sub­stan­tial results from their first les­son; our tutors deliver inten­sive courses, pro­vid­ing each indi­vid­ual stu­dent with max­i­mum learn­ing expe­ri­ence within a short period of time.

We always make sure we choose the right teacher for you; one we believe will best match you per­son­al­ity and your learn­ing style. This is why we thor­oughly assess your lan­guage expec­ta­tions prior to arrang­ing your first lesson.


German classes for beginners

If you are learn­ing  German from scratch and want to become flu­ent, it is very impor­tant that your tutor helps you to explore the lan­guage in its com­plex­ity straight from the begin­ning. Under­stand­ing well the core paterns of   German gram­mar and syntax will make your learn­ing easy, enjoy­able and inter­est­ing, rather than dif­fi­cult or daunt­ing. And that’s what we aim for.


Get on with your German and we will take care of your progress; why not get in touch today!