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Private Spanish lessons in London


Your Spanish Course

If you have decided to learn Spanish, you are in the right place. Whether you are a beginner or can speak some Spanish already, we will have the right tutor for you; a qualified language teacher, who will engage you in conversation from your first lesson. Why take months or years of struggle on an evening course if you can learn fast with a private tutor?

Learning Spanish with a private tutor has been proven to be one of the most efficient and enjoyable ways to really learn the language. It is the best solution for students who are time conscious and want to see substantial results from their first lesson; our Spanish classes are intensive, in order to provide each individual student with maximum learning experience within a short period of time.

Our Spanish courses are carefully and individually structured around each student. Your lessons are personalised and tailored just for you; our aim is to ensure that you can soon become fluent and comfortable with the day to day language.

We will prepare an individual language plan for you; this will take into consideration your learning style and ability, motivations to learn Spanish, time commitment and any personal language requirements; whether you have a specific wish to learn the peninsular Spanish or the Spanish spoken in Latin America, we will tailor the right course for you.


Your Spanish Tutor

We choose our Spanish tutors with great care. Their personality plays an important role in the selection process, as well as their knowledge, qualifications and teaching approach to students. Above all, we always look for teachers who are caring and dedicated, as these are some of the core values we firmly believe in.

We always make sure we choose the right Spanish teacher for you; one we believe will best match your personality, learning style and language motivations. This is why we thoroughly assess your language expectations prior to arranging your first Spanish lesson.


Spanish classes for beginners

If you are learning Spanish from scratch and want to become fluent, it is very important that your tutor helps you to explore the language in its complexity straight from the beginning, so that you understand what exactly you are learning and what to expect. Understanding the core patterns of Spanish language well will make your learning easy, enjoyable and interesting, rather than difficult or daunting. And that’s what we aim for.


Get on with your Spanish and we will take care of your progress; why not get in touch today!