Learning a language must be fun – but where does grammar fit into this?

Posted on Dec 1, 2012

Learning a language must be fun – but where does grammar fit into this?

The understanding of grammar and syntax is undoubtedly important. In fact its is essential to make any progress when learning a language and to be able to enjoy this process. It allows us to have fun and to be passionate about speaking the language.

Learning a language is like building a house. Some people who come to us say “I feel frustrated. I have been going to Greece (Italy, Spain, etc.) for so many years now and I know so much vocabulary but still cant speak  the language . Why is that?”

Well  lets try to imagine vocabulary as bricks. Each new word is a brick. And it’s true – you need to collect a lot of bricks to build a house.

But no matter how big a pile of bricks you have collected on your building site, they will not sort themselves into a house by themselves. You have to do it, and you need to know how to do it.

Either alone (as a DIY builder) or with the help of an architect.

Some people know how to learn a language by themselves in the same way that some handy people know how to build a house by themselves. But most of us will need at least an initial blueprint. We give you that blueprint. We will tell you how to build your house, help you to understand where to put the bricks and in which order, so that you can build the beautiful home you dreamed of, on solid, stable foundations. You can then add and change rooms, decorate, redecorate as you wish, and you will have fun doing it because you will know how.

During your lessons at the London Language Studio, you will not only learn to speak the language but we will also help you to understand How to learn a language on your own.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how we teach and how you might be able to achieve fluency in your chosen language.


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