Learning Czech – Fast track courses in London

Posted on Apr 3, 2012

“Before starting my Czech lessons, the prospect of learning Czech was quite intimidating to me, but Fortune smiled on me, and I found the best possible Czech teacher that one could ever hope to find. Katerina is a gifted teacher, a natural talent, and a wonderful person to spend time with. Patient, creative, always well-prepared, and completely dedicated to her students, she was both motivating and inspiring. Katerina is a treasure, and I hope that I will have the opportunity to study Czech with her again.”

Michael Nyilis, London, W1U 1BT, London

Mike has currently had a crash course in Czech at the London Language Studio, as he was planning a week’s holiday in Prague. He is an experienced linguist and speaks several languages already. In only ten Czech lessons he managed to grasp the basics of the Czech language and when in Prague, he really felt the difference; his efforts in learning Czech paid off and he had a great time during his holiday.

He was very happy with our tutor’s course and has just booked 10 lessons of German with us. Michael’s drive for langauges is truly extraordinary!