London Language Studio: the home of lifelong language learning

Posted on Dec 8, 2012

London Language Studio: the home of lifelong language learning

 When Alena Sunavska founded London Language Studio, she threw the textbook out of the window in favour of a holistic approach to language learning which empowers the student and sows the seeds of independent learning.

At London Language Studio, students are taught languages for life with a strong emphasis on enabling in-depth and confident language learning. This learning is independent of traditional textbooks, developing the skills of effortless communication. Languages at the London Language Studio are taught for real life use; all students are encouraged to speak from their first lesson.

“This is far more important than memorising vocabulary or complicated grammar tables,” says Alena, whose bespoke approach to teaching is what sets LLS apart from most private language schools. One ex-student says: “Alena adapted her teaching style to one that I was comfortable with and learned the most from.”

For most of us, the concept of learning a new language conjures up dreary memories of the classroom – chanting in unison and copying tables of foreign verbs into exercise books. LLS shuns the stereotype by providing purposeful lessons which are tailored to the specific needs of the student. One student explains: “I had tried quite hard with other classes, books and tapes, and even took GCSE Italian. I never felt confident enough to communicate when I was visiting Italy . All this changed after the first lesson with Alena”. At London Language Studio, tutors believe that learning a language is an ongoing process.

Alena’s philosophy empowers the learner, so that when a LLS student finishes their course, they have the means and confidence to continue their journey alone. “We will provide you with solid language foundations,” says Alena, “and you will gain the ability and confidence to learn and progress independently.”

A range of courses are available: one-on-one intensive tuition, small group lessons, and the very popular self-study workshops. These two hour workshops, capped at a maximum of ten students, are run monthly at the studio in Wargrave (one hour from Paddington by train and minutes from both the M4 and M40). The objectives of the workshop are to provide students with the skillset required for independent language learning – everything from tips on understanding native speakers to how to cope with the overwhelming amount of new vocabulary.

And if you are a young parent concerned about your childrens’ future language skills, you should join the London Language Studio’s ‘Little Linguist’ project, a unique programme aimed at developing specific skills for parents which enables young families to grow their own talented little linguists. Alena works with expecting and new parents alike, guiding them to facilitate and foster language learning skills in young children and babies as early as prenatal age. She also runs regular baby language clubs and supports parents of bilingual children.