Mature Students: How easy is it to pick up a new language?

Posted on Oct 8, 2010

Many students come to us to learn Spanish, Italian or Greek after they have retired and when they finally find the time to pursue their hobbies. Some of them have properties abroad or just like to travel. They find being able to speak the language to the local people extremely important; it makes all the difference to their holidays abroad.

In our experience, there is absolutely no difference in the capability for language acquisition between a retired student and a student in their twenties. On the contrary; most mature learners find learning foreign languages much easier than a younger student, often because of the difference in their educational background; many older students have been taught grammar when they were at school and therefore have a better chance to grasp their new language quickly as it makes sense to them straight from the beginning of tuition.

It is fascinating to see a mature student learning a new language. Older students  are extremely diligent, dedicated and really enjoy their lessons! They almost always find learning languages both fulfilling and relaxing.

It is never too late to start learning French, Italian or Spanish, or any other language you feel really passionate about. At the London Language Studio we run private courses specifically tailored to suit mature students and those who have retired. Above all we make sure our lessons are interesting, enriching and fun.