Alena Sunavska – LLS Founder

Alena Sunavska, the founder of the Studio, is a professional language tutor and a passionate linguist. She has three relevant post-graduate qualifications and excellent teaching experience in a variety of environments.

Fluent in six European languages with an understanding of a further four, she fundamentally believes in sharing her knowledge; she has fully dedicated herself to helping other people become fluent in their chosen language too. Alena teaches Czech, Slovak, Italian, Spanish, English and Greek .

Over many years Alena has transformed her extensive language knowledge and developed her own successful teaching methods which are at the core of the philosophy behind the London Language Studio.

Alena’s message:
I have studied and worked in a variety of countries, and lived abroad for the past 17 years. This experience has provided me with extensive linguistic as well as multicultural knowledge and inspired me to create London Language Studio, a place where everyone can really learn a language. Not a few sentences, or some isolated grammar rules, but a real fluent language with its  identity, its people’s  culture, customs and history. 

I strongly believe that exploring a language in its complexity leads to fluency.
I constantly encourage and motivate my students in their efforts; I believe everyone can become fluent with the right guidance. I find this personal approach extremely beneficial and am constantly encouraged when I see the excitement and satisfaction in my students.
I pay particular attention to teaching beginners and false beginners, helping them to build solid grounds for further independent language acquisition. “

Academic qualifications:

  • Laurea (Dott.) in Languages and History ( University of Venice, Italy)
  • Post-graduate course in Translation (University of Westminster)
  • Post-graduate Certificate in Education in Modern Languages (Metropolitan University)

Additional language awards and  professional qualifications:

  • London Metropolitan University: French course
  • University of Portsmouth: German Extension Course
  • Universidad de Valencia, Spain: Spanish language, history and culture
  • Universitat Pompeu Fabra de Barcelona, Spain: Scholarship scheme
  • Capodistrian University of Athens, Greece: Greek language, history and culture
  • University of Thessalonica, Greece: Greek language and history


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