Asimenia Loulaki

Asimenia has been teaching Modern Greek since 2009 and is a true language professional. She takes her profession very seriously and dedicates a lot of time to creating personalised language resources for each of her students. Apart from being a full time language tutor, she also works as a professional interpreter and translator.  She also teaches the Cypriot Greek to some of her more advanced students who wish to learn the Cypriot dialect. Asimenia has a strong linguistic background; she has studied Latin, ancient Greek and three other foreign languages, with particular emphasis on English.

Asimenia’s message:
”I have always seen a foreign language learning an exciting process just like mathematics. When a language learning is not a subconscious process just like the one bilingual kids undergo because they are exposed to the language at a very young age, then it is a conscious process at any other age and you have to think before you speak, you have to construct sentences and compare the foreign language to your mother language. Of course to do that, I believe strongly, you have to have the understanding of grammar. I am against teaching methods that focus solely on speaking practice, but believe in a combination of grammar (the foundations), listening, speaking, learning the culture of that foreign language and perhaps the dialects of it, if any. ”

Academic qualifications:

  • MA in Bilingual Translation (University of Westminster)
  • BA in Contemporary English Language studies (University of Bedfordshire)

Additional language awards and professional qualifications:

  • TESL certificate (University of British Columbia)
  • Portuguese: Level 1-3 (University of Westminster)
  • French: Level 1-3 (University of Bedfordshire & Westminster)


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