Lina Kostika

Lina is a Greek native speaker, fully qualified to teach both Greek and English. She started working as a teacher at language schools in Athens while she was still doing her BA in English and Greek Language & Literature. She loves teaching and always focuses on how to best address her students’ language needs. In order to gain a better understanding of the teaching and learning process she went on to do a MA in English Language Teaching at Warwick University. During her eight-year experience, she has taught both English and Greek to students aged 4 to 64 of different backgrounds, both in person and online.


Lina’s message:

“My eight year experience as a language teacher has enabled me to teach students of various ages, nationalities and levels both in Greece and the UK. I am really enthusiastic about language teaching and therefore I am always looking for new challenges and expanding the ways in which I teach to ensure a smooth, well-balanced lesson. My goal is to offer lessons that address my students’ needs each time and leave students with a feeling of achievement. I think a motivated student and a patient, hard-working teacher who really wants her students to learn is a recipe for a successful lesson.”


Academic Qualifications:

  • BA in English and Greek Language and Literature (University of Athens, Greece)
  • MA in English Language Teaching (Warwick University, England)
  • Certificate of English Language Teaching (University of Cambridge)


Students’ testimonials: