Eleonora Damizia

Eleonora Damizia- London Language Studio tutorEleonora is is a qualified linguist and an Italian tutor by profession. She is very passionate about teaching; she has a degree in Modern Languages and a postgraduate degree in Translation and has extensive experience in tutoring Italian to English speakers.  Being also a musician and a songwriter she is a very creative person. This creativity reflects in the original and entertaining activities  she incorporates into her lessons, which always keep her students motivated and excited about learning the language. She is available for one-to-one and two-to-one lessons to ensure fully personalised, quality tuition. Eleonora speaks Italian, English, French and German.

Eleonora’s message:
“I believe that it is necessary to create a multicoloured lesson, which is always new, interesting and that motivates my students to learn more. Teaching my language and my culture , helping my students to believe in their own ability to learn a new language, looking at them reaching their own goals, makes me proud. In my opinion life is all a matter of learning and teaching what you learned. That’s why I deeply enjoy teaching.

I do believe that everyone can learn a new language at any age if supported by a tutor who really understands the student’s needs. Everyone of us has got a door inside, that hides unbelievable abilities. We just need to open that door, step by step, and this is what I help with.
Positivity, patience, professionalism and fun are the keys of my lessons”


Academic qualifications:

  • BA in Modern Languages and literature (La Sapienza University, Rome , Italy)
  • MA in Technical, Scientific and Literary Translation (La Sapienza University, Rome, Italy)

Additional language awards:

  • Erasmus Scholarship, Warwick University, UK
  • Schoolarship to research for MA dissertation, Warwick University, UK


Students’ Testimonials: