Private Language Tuition for Retired Students

Many students come to us to learn Spanish, Italian or Greek after they have retired and when they finally found the time to pursue their hobbies. Some of them have properties abroad or just like to travel. They find being able to speak the language to the local people extremely important; it makes all the difference to their holidays abroad. 


  “After retiring I wanted to be more serious about my efforts to learn Italian. I had tried quite hard with other classes, books and tapes and even took GCSE Italian.  I never felt confident enough to communicate when I was visiting Italy. All this changed after even the first lesson  with Alena and there is improvement every time I see her. I would feel confident to go as an absolute beginner as everything is explained so clearly. I wish I had discovered London Language Studio years ago. “
Dr. Christine Murray, Berkshire, RG8  


“Spanish lessons with Alena at the London Language Studio my ability has improved significantly. She always takes great care to prepare for each lesson to make them interesting and fun. Her encouragement and her teaching style has really helped to develop my confidence in both speaking and writing Spanish. I never thought I’d look forward to learning another language as much as I do! Each session is a real pleasure.”
David Reynolds, Berkshire, RG10



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